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Homeschool Information Policy

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The Scituate Public Schools, in recognition of the right of parents to educate their children at home subject to approval in advance by the School Committee, will continue to act upon parental home instruction applications, provided the following procedures are followed:

1.  Parents who wish to educate their children at home must submit a written plan at least 30 days in advance of the proposed starting date to allow for sufficient opportunity for review and approval by the Superintendent of Schools or his designee.

2.  The proposal must meet the following standards:

a.  Teacher Qualifications

The individual teaching the student must be shown, to the satisfaction of the Superintendent of Schools or his designee, to be capable of providing basic instruction for the proposed level. Please attach a statement of the proposed teacher's education, experience and other qualifications.

b.  Responsible Curriculum

A list of curriculum objectives, including a proposed amount of time per day devoted to the subject, shall be required. The list of curriculum objectives will be developed by the parent upon review of the grade-level curriculum compendia of the Scituate Public Schools. Upon request, the parents shall make available representative textbooks, workbooks, and other instructional aids to be used by the child and representative lesson plans and teaching manuals to be used by the parents. Approval will be forthcoming if the proposed curriculum is considered adequate for the grade or subject matter by the pertinent department head or curriculum specialist even if it is not the same as the curriculum of the Scituate schools for the same grade or subject, but is likely to impart comparable knowledge as given in the Scituate Schools. Please use the attached forms to provide the objectives for those curricular areas which apply. All subjects which are included in the public school curriculum shall be included in the home program.

c.  Adequate Time

The home program will allocate hours of instruction per subject area equal to those of the public school.

d.  Evaluation of Student Progress

Evaluation of student progress may consist of standardized testing, with the date and type of test to be used determined in consultation with the parents, and with the test administration to be conducted by a neutral party where practical. An effort will be made to reach agreement with the

parents on the testing method designed so that the Superintendent of Schools or his designee will be able to determine whether the instruction equals, in thoroughness and efficiency, and in the progress made therein, that in the public schools in Scituate. Alternate methods for evaluation may be mutually agreed upon. These may include periodic progress reports, dated work samples, proficiency demonstrations, or other mutually agreed-upon evaluation procedures. If the home instruction is not resulting in appropriate progress, a modification of further home instruction may be required.

3.  Return to the Schools

In some subsequent year a home-taught child may return to the Scituate school in the appropriate grade as determined by years of schooling and/or curriculum covered. If, after initial placement in such a grade or course, it appears that the student is unable to do the work or is in need of a more challenging placement, then the principal may re-assign the child following appropriate conferences with the parent.

4.  Home Study Away from Scituate

A child moving or returning to Scituate who has studied at home while not in Scituate shall be placed in accord with the standards of item 3 above.

5.  Course Enrollment

A student on a home instruction program may enroll in no more than two courses per semester in the Scituate Public Schools contingent upon the recommendation of the building principal and the approval of the Superintendent of Schools or his designee. On an individual basis, a parent may appeal the two course limit to the School Committee.

6.  High School Graduation

A student, with the approval of the School Committee, may be awarded a high school diploma if he/she or she has satisfied the Dept. of Elementary and Secondary Education's competency requirements and has met the District's educational standards for graduation.

A high school student on a home instruction program may choose to pursue a non-Scituate High School diploma through an accredited home schooling program or through the GED testing program. The student's diploma objective should be specified in the home instruction program application.

7.  Transfers

To be eligible to use home instruction outside of Scituate for the distribution of course requirements, a student may be required to submit the materials described in 2a-2c. To use home instruction for credit, material under 2(d) must also be submitted or there must be evidence from another jurisdiction that appropriate tests were administered and passed in accordance with standards comparable to those in Scituate.

8.  Revisions

If the home education plan is rejected, the Superintendent of Schools or his/her designee will detail the reasons for the decision and allow the parent to revise their proposal to remedy its inadequacies. In the event that the parent's/parents' plan for approval of home education is not approved, the parents may seek review of this determination by the School Committee.

9.  Neighborhood School

A positive cooperative working relationship shall be inherent in the process established for evaluating and monitoring the home education plan. Whenever possible, school textbooks and appropriate school material should be provided to the parent on a loan basis. The student should be invited to use the school library as a resource and to participate in school cultural arts, athletics and/or related events. The appropriate neighborhood school Principal shall be involved in the inclusion process as appropriate.

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