Health Education

The goal of our health education program is to provide students with the education and prevention strategies to avoid needing intervention later in life. Our health educators are committed to influencing students to make responsible physical, mental, emotional, and social decisions. To accomplish this, developmentally appropriate educational lesson plans correlated to the MA Health Frameworks were carefully designed. These lessons assist students in making proper nutritional choices, understand the dangers of substance use, identify mental health issues, and implement appropriate conflict resolution and interpersonal skills. At various points in a student’s educational experience, he/she will have the opportunity to study other health topics such as growth and development, reproduction, and sexuality, bullying and violence prevention, first aid and CPR and other current health related issues. To remain up to date with continually evolving health education topics, faculty will continue to use district specific data gathered by our nurse leader and data gathered by the state through bi-annual Youth Risk Behavior Surveys to revise curriculum as appropriate.

Time on Learning:

K – Grade 5: Health education topics, including nutrition and overall wellness concepts. Health class is an independent class and is provided in addition to physical education. Additionally, lessons from the Open Circle curriculums make health education connections.

Internet resources:

Scituate FACTS Coalition

US Centers for Disease Control

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School Contact:
Amy MacDonald, Physical Education Specialist
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District Contact:
Greg Ranieri, Health & Wellness Department Chair
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