Our school hours for 2019-2020 are 8:55 a.m. to 3:25p.m  for K-5 students.

Early Childhood Center hours are 9:10-11:40 for AM session, 12:25-2:55 for PM session, and 9:10-2:55 for our full day students. 


NO cars are allowed in the front driveway of the school.

For the safety of our children, the circular drive is not a pickup or drop off area. Buses need this area to load/unload students. Under no circumstances should any car pass a bus in this area.



8:45AM is the earliest students should arrive at school. Please do not drop off students before this time as there is no supervision available unless the student is enrolled in the Before School Y Program. 

As students they will line up by grade level with on duty personnel. Students will proceed to the classroom at 8:45am.



If driving your child to school, please use the north parking area (gym) entrance to the left of the building.

There will be staff to assist children out of vehicles and onto the sidewalk.

Our crossing guards will assist students as they walk or ride their bicycles to school. Drivers need to be on alert and especially cautious as they approach the school’s drop-off area. Please keep the traffic flow moving.

Students will enter and exit the building through the front door only.


DISMISSAL - Our afternoon and full day students in the Early Childhood Center program will be leaving at 2:55pm. Please be aware of our youngest learners as you enter the front driveway.

Walkers are dismissed at 3:25pm followed by buses. 


Adults picking up students are asked to wait at the end posts of the canopy on the grassy areas thus clearing the walkway for students.

Students riding the bus are not permitted to walk home without prior parent permission. 

If your child is not riding the bus, he/she will be considered a walker and should be signed out in the front lobby prior to 3:25 and exit through the front of the building.

Remember that pedestrians and bike-riders ALWAYS have the right of way. Students riding bicycles and skateboards are reminded to refrain from using them until the reach the end of the sidewalks

If your child cannot find you at dismissal, they must come to the school office. Your child will be safe and warm until contact is made between the school and families.

If your child already walks with a neighborhood group it may not be necessary for you to meet them on campus.

If you are headed north on Tilden Road (toward Egypt Beach), meet at the grassy area in front of the sixth grade classrooms.

  • At drop off/pick up in the north parking lot, please patiently follow the queue of cars and adhere to the traffic pattern.
  • If you do not access the north parking lot for drop off/pick up but rather a side street, please adhere to the traffic rule of parking on only one side of the street facing the correct way.
  • Traffic patterns for Edith Holmes Drive area - Clover Lane is a heavily used side street and we have a large walker population that enter that area. Park only on the east side as parking on the west side is prohibited.
  • Turns in driveways are prohibited as are three-point turns because they are a safety issue.


 There may be times when students need to be dismissed before the end of the day. To dismiss your child before the end of the school day, please park in the north parking lot (to the left facing the school) and arrive between 3:00 and 3:15p.m. Please come directly to the office to sign your child out. If your child typically rides the bus and other arrangements need to be made for that day, a note is required. Please do not use email as the source of contact regarding transportation as it is a time sensitive issue.