Social Studies Department

The mission of the Scituate Social Studies Department is to develop

the next generation of problem solving citizens.  



Students achieve this goal as they are informed by facts, ideas and experiences, tolerant of different perspectives, think critically to evaluate, are engaged to understand and empowered to act.

As a department, we frame the past as a series of decisions and consequences while challenging each student to strive to understand, evaluate and explain to the best of their ability. Students develop and demonstrate knowledge and competency concerning:

  1. major historical persons and events and the process of change through time
  2. the use of essential questions and categories to understand and analyze both the past and the present
  3. college readiness skills in reading, writing, and research.

At all levels in each of these courses, students will learn independently through regular out of class assignments and complete three research projects over the course of the year. In addition there will be a consistent focus on writing as a means of organizing information, developing arguments and expressing them clearly. In all classes, students will demonstrate their understanding of the past by applying their learning in engaging performance tasks.



6th Grade

Ancient Civilizations

7th Grade

World Geography

8th Grade

World History I

9th Grade

World History II

10th Grade

United States History I

11th Grade

United States History II


Service Learning, International Affairs, Psychology, Morality and Social Justice, AP Psychology,   AP Government and Politics