English Language Arts 7-12

The English Department seeks to promote the development of students as literate and thoughtful twenty-first century learners. Students must be able to critically read narrative, informative, and argument text, and develop written responses to those texts that are concise, well-organized, and driven by strong ideas. Students also must communicate in formats beyond writing, and English courses require that students develop as skilled presenters and creators of digital content. Courses are designed and aligned so that students read challenging texts and engage essential questions that unify texts around universal ideas. To address these essential questions, students complete challenging performance tasks that demonstrate their analytical skills and thoughtful responses to the essential questions.

The Objectives of the English Department, 7-12:

  • To develop in each student the ability to write, communicate, and present clearly and coherently
  • To engage students by designing curriculum units with stimulating essential questions, complex texts, and rigorous performance tasks and assessments
  • To develop to the fullest in each student his or her ability to comprehend and write narrative, informative, and argument texts

The English Department at SHS offers courses at three levels: College Preparatory, Honors, and Advanced Placement. Movement among levels is expected and encouraged as students develop their skills and academic commitment.