The Business Department operates under the philosophy that in order for a student to be considered truly life-ready after graduation, business education must be part of their Scituate High School educational experience. Students that take business courses will find themselves better prepared to meet a challenging college workload, enter a hectic workforce and handle life's financial challenges.

The Business Education Department will:

  • Educate all high school students in order to develop business, computer and financial literacy.
  • Provide opportunities for non-business students to acquire business knowledge, skills, and attitudes needed to function effectively in today’s dynamic economic and vocational climate.
  • Offer targeted courses for students that are considering a business concentration major in college, desire career exposure experiences and/or want to develop vital financial literacy skills.
  • Provide a continuous program of planned learning experiences designed to help students effectively make intelligent and ethical decisions to fulfill their roles as a citizen, worker, and consumer.
  • Provide career information, which will help students relate their interests, needs, and abilities to occupational opportunities in the world of work.

In addition to dynamic course offerings, the Business Education Department offers the following auxiliary programing opportunities:

  • National Business Honors Society
  • Distributive Education Clubs of America (DECA) Business Competitions
  • School Store Operations
  • School To Career Internships
  • Career and Vocational Field Trips to Local Colleges and Businesses


  • Grade 9 – 12: Have the opportunity to experience Business Education programming if selected as an elective.


Ross Maki

Scituate High School

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Greg Ranieri

Scituate High School

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Distributive Education Clubs of America   (DECA)

DECA is an organization committed to improve education and career   opportunities for students interested in careers in marketing, management and   entrepreneurship. DECA schools are   eligible to access DECA curriculum, attend conferences, participate in competitions   and have scholarship opportunities.

National Business Education Association

NBEA is the leading association devoted to the recognition   that business education competencies are essential for all individuals in   today's fast-changing society.

Knowledge Matters

Knowledge Matters is the   leading developer and publisher of simulation-based business and personal   finance curriculums for high schools.

National Endowment For Financial Education   (NEFE)

The National Endowment for   Financial Education (NEFE) is the leading private nonprofit national foundation   dedicated to inspiring empowered financial decision making for individuals   and families through every stage of life.

The Stock Market Game  

The Stock Market Game is an engaging, interdisciplinary, hands-on   activity that practices many of the content skills taught in the   classroom. The American Institutes for   Research conducted a year- long study which confirmed quantitatively what   teachers have been telling us all along: the Stock Market Game engages   students and improves academic performance, financial knowledge, and saving   and investing habits.

Jump$tart Coalition for Personal Financial Literacy  

Jump$tart is a national coalition of organizations dedicated to   improving the financial literacy of pre-kindergarten through college-age   youth by providing advocacy, research, standards and educational resources.   Jump$tart strives to prepare youth for life-long successful financial   decision-making.