Ron Griffin, 
Superintendent of Schools
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Welcome to the Scituate Public Schools.  We are a district focused on excellence in a community dedicated to student success.  With an exceptional staff, committed to ensuring that all students reach their full potential, Scituate is a district looking ahead to a bright future.  Scituate Public Schools is taking an innovative look at teaching and learning with an eye on the opportunities of tomorrow by developing project based, authentic learning experiences.  This hands-on approach to learning allows our students to apply their knowledge and ultimately prepare them for the career opportunities of the 21st century.  As I begin my tenure as Superintendent, I’m excited to lead our district in preparing the students of Scituate to become intelligent, actively engaged citizens of an increasingly globalized world. 

As a district leader, I believe that kids come first and that no matter the decision, it should always be in the best interests of our students.  To ensure that we keep students at the center of our decision making process, it’s essential to be a coalition builder.  I look to collect input from a wide range of stakeholders to move us forward together.  Fostering a culture that values partnerships with parents, families and the community is crucial for our students’ success.  Most importantly, I believe that great people are the core of all great schools. We must support our staff with a strong culture, the right resources and effective leadership. 

As an educator, I’m committed to meeting the needs of all kids.  Using student-centric instruction, all students can actively engage in their learning and all students can succeed.  My educational philosophy balances a commitment to a rigorous academic program with a focus on educating the whole student.  Integrating creativity, social/emotional learning, critical thinking, and communication skills into a curriculum broadens’ a student’s learning experiences.  Incorporating leadership and service opportunities allows our students to develop a deeper understanding of their world and a commitment to exert a positive force in their community. 

I look forward to working with you to serve our school community!


Ron Griffin

Superintendent of Schools