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Due to our snow days, the last day of Preschool will be June 20th.  It will be a full day of programming.


Parents will drop off and pick up at the front entrance of the Wampatuck School where teachers and paraprofessionals will greet you at your car, you will take your child out from the car and we will escort your child to their classrooms. At pick up you will take your child from the teachers and paraprofessionals to your car to buckle them in. This change of arrival and dismissal practice is to address safety concerns for your child with regard to traffic concerns and limited parking space available.


The Scituate Public Schools Early Childhood Center provides preschool programming for children ages three and four. The preschool program includes a balance of children who are typically developing and children with special needs. To best meet the needs of an integrated program, every effort is maintained to keep the class sizes small. IEP, Individual Educational Plans, services for ECC include, but are not limited to, preschool academics,  speech and language, occupational therapy, physical therapy, behavior management, social skills, sensory impairments (vision, hearing), and orientation and mobility. The ECC curriculum is based on the state frameworks for preschool.  We also provide IEP services for those Scituate resident students in private preschool programs who qualify for special education related services (Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy, or Speech and Language Therapy). Our approach to learning is multi-sensory and children participate in a variety of activities that are appropriate to each child’s age, interests and needs. Families are viewed as an integral part of the education process and a partnership between home and school is fostered.

The Early Childhood Center (ECC) is now located in the Wampatuck Elementary School. Classes for three and four year olds are integrated with a ratio of 60-40% typically developing to special needs students. We are a four day a week program (Monday-Thursday). The morning class is for students who turn three by September 1. The afternoon class if for students who turn four by Septmeber 1. We also have a full day classroom option.  The ECC receives referrals of children with possible needs from Early Intervention and responses from our outreach to community preschools, pediatricians, and local media publications.

The Early Childhood Center conducts screenings and evaluations throughout the year. If a parent or guardian has a concern about any area of a child’s development (ages 3-5), s/he is welcome to contact our center to discuss the need for an evaluation.

Classroom Teachers

Emily Norman Paraprofessionals: Allison Guinan, Jennifer Galinari, & Maryellen Farmer (PM)

Kim Sheehan Paraprofessionals: Gayle Mullin, Elizabeth Hynes, & Lauren Stasiukiewicz (PM)

Erin Culbert Paraprofessionals: Deb Babineau, Holly Theriault, & Hayleigh Fortunado (PM)

Jessica Baird  Paraprofessionals: Lauren Stasiukiewicz, Hayleigh Fortunado, & Maryellen Farmer - All AM


Brynn Nyberg Physical Therapist

Michelle Daniels Occupational Therapist

Lynn Harhen Speech-Language Pathologist


Dates and Time For the 2016-2017 School Year 

AM Session Student Start/End Times                                         8:45-11:15

Full Day Session Student Start/End Times                                 8:45-2:30

Afternoon Session Student Start/End Times                             12:00-2:30


Important Dates:

Orientation Day                                                September 9

First Day of ECC                                              September 12

Curriculum Night                                               October 4 6:30 - 7:30

Open House                                                     January 10:00

Report Cards                                                    November and June

Last Day of ECC (Pending Snow Days)              June 20 - The last day of ECC will be a full day of preschool

Please be advised that the district will hold one hour delayed openings during the school year for Professioanl Development on specific Wednesdays.  We ask that you mark your calendar on the following dates as school will begin at 9:45 and end a tthe regular time of 11:15 on:

September 14 February 8
October 12 March 8
November 2 April 12
December 14 May 10
January 11 June N/A


Referral Process

In our compliance with Child Find laws we send out a letter to all Scituate preschools and local doctor offices explaining the referral process should the school or family feel there is a suspected area of disability.  The person you should contact to make this referral or to ask any questions about the process is our ECC Coordinator, Jessica Baird at 781-545-8790


2016-2017 School Year Registration Materials:

ECC Application Letter

ECC Application

Scituate Public Schools Student Registration Forms

Click here for the SPS Student Registration page


Tuition payments can now be made online.  Go to the Scituate Public Schools Home Page and use the Student Registration link to begin payments online.

We will be an open enrollment program throughout the year and maintain a wait list by the date the appication was submitted as we fill classes. 

Please complete the registration form above and send to:

Michelle Moran

Wampatuck Elementary School

266 Tilden Road

Scituate, MA 02066.


Scituate Public School Website

Elementary School Handbook 2015-2016

Handbook Appendix A: Early Childhood