Our Principal

mary m ohrenberger 2015

Dear Students, Parents, Staff Members, and Community Members,

Welcome to the Cushing School web site! Hopefully, as you explore our site, you will begin to get a feel for an ever evolving and growing school community, a school strongly aligned to academic achievement, where parents are supportive and involved, and a school where the teaching staff is talented, dedicated and ever so caring. On a daily basis, all sectors of our school community are witness to the process of active and developmentally appropriate learning! It is indeed my privilege and honor to be the Principal of Cushing School.

Learning is an active and well thought out process at Cushing School. Our teachers create lessons based on sound curriculum standards (from the Scituate Public Schools as well as the State Frameworks), incorporate best practice into the delivery of the grade level benchmarks, foster enthusiasm for learning, support the development of social competencies and self-esteem in our students, and work diligently to create an open line of communication between the school and home. Watching our teachers and students in action on a daily basis brings a smile to my face! A spotlight on instruction is a focus that places students first and at Cushing School, our students are first. Teaching and learning remain a priority as Cushing School continues to provide a quality and comprehensive education for all of our children. We are indeed a community of learners greatly interested in student success. We are a school community sustaining the basics as well as the initiative for change that is so necessary in our quest to be better, not just for some, but for all students.

This academic year, I ask for your continued cooperation and support. The key to a successful school year is a strong home-school partnership. I often speak to our students about “their team.” Parents, teachers, specialists, and administration comprise the team for each and every child at Cushing School. As a strong and important advocate for your child, I ask you to develop an open and honest communication with your child’s teacher. At the elementary level, your child’s teacher will spend an average of six hours a day interacting with, influencing, and teaching your child. We need to work closely together to ensure a positive school experience. Perspectives may be different but together they will present us with a focused, well-developed picture of your child. I ask that you remain in frequent contact with your child’s teacher, not waiting for a problem to arise as a reason to get in touch with the school. Feel free to contact any Cushing School Staff Member at school during the instructional day. If you leave a message, we will respond. Asking a question or expressing the need for clarification of an issue is key to ensuring we are all on the same page. Together, we can create an appropriate and responsive learning environment for your child.

This year holds much promise. I look forward to enjoying every minute of it, paying attention to each and every child and issue that comes my way. I plan to fully experience each moment along our year’s journey as I truly view my time with our students, our teachers, the Scituate Community, and you, the parents of Cushing School, as a gift. I am indeed blessed to be associated with such a wonderful learning community. For all of your support during this academic year, thank you! Together, we can make Cushing School the best that it can be.

Mary M. Ohrenberger