Massachusetts DPH and DESE Laws and Regulations 200.500, April 8, 2009.  Each school committee or board of health shall adopt policies and procedures to ensure that the Body Mass Index (BMI) and corresponding percentile of each student in grades 1, 4, 7, and 10 (or, in the case of ungraded classrooms, by a student's 7th, 10th, 13th and 16th birthday) is calculated and reported directly and confidentially to a parent or legal guardian.

  • A report of each student's BMI and percentile, along with easily understood informational and explanatory materials provided or approved by the Department of Public Health on BMI, healthy eating and physical activity shall be mailed or otherwise directly communicated in writing to the parent or legal guardian of the student, in accordance with guidelines of the Department. The materials shall indicate that questions about healthy weight should be discussed with the student's primary care provider.
  • Measurement of weight and height shall be done by trained school personnel or others approved by the Department for this purpose, in accordance with guidelines of the Department. Prior notice of the screening and the benefits of the screening shall be provided to the parent or legal guardian by any reasonable means. Every effort shall be made to protect the privacy of the student during the screening process and in the communication of information about the student's BMI