Website communication only:

A copy of the message below was sent to every Scituate Public Schools family on August 1, 2017.  This message was sent to the primary email address we have on record for every family.  In addition, a voice message recording of this message was also left on all primary phone numbers.  Please check your email inbox and voice messages.  If you have not received both of these, please email us at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  for assistance.  


Introduction to Messenger

The Scituate Public Schools is excited to announce the launch of our new, district wide communication platform called:  Messenger.  This will replace our existing alert software - Blackboard connect.  This new software will allow us to send important notifications to families.  In addition, as we begin work on a comprehensive, district-wide communication plan over the coming years, this platform will allow us to develop a mobile app tied directly to our website as well as other SPS communication and social media platforms.

We are sending this proactive test message to all Scituate Public Schools parents and school related organizations to alert you to this platform change.  Throughout the year, this platform will be used to share important information throughout the district, including any school closings, emergency or weather related information as well as school specific notifications.  This summer, we will use Messenger to communicate the following:

  • Superintendent Griffin’s Introduction & Entry Plan
  • Drop-off & pickup information for all Gates and Scituate High School Families
  • First day of school information

Because messenger will be utilized for essential district-wide information, we are running this test to ensure we have the most up to date email address for every family.  If you are reading/hearing this now, you are all set.  There is nothing more you need to do.  Please know that a copy of this message will also be posted to the front page of our district website, along with helpdesk information to assist any family or guardian who has not received this email/voicemail for any reason.

Enjoy the rest of the summer and we’ll see you in September!

Ron Griffin


Scituate Public Schools