The New England Association of Schools and Colleges has established the following standard for high schools: “There shall be a formal, ongoing program through which each student has an adult member of the school community in addition to the school guidance counselor who personalizes each student’s educational experience, knows the student well, and assists the student in achieving the school-wide expectations for student learning.”

The goal of Scituate High School’s advisory program is to create opportunities for students to build relationships with adults in the building who will help them to develop as individuals over the course of their high school careers.  During advisory, students will explore strategies with their advisers which will help them to grow academically, socially, emotionally, and personally.  As the adviser/advisee relationship strengthens over the course of these monthly meetings, advisers and advisees will develop a mutual trust which will result in a productive and caring relationship that guides students to reach their fullest potential.

Essential Questions for 2015-2016 :   

Grade 9: What skills are needed in order to have a productive, meaningful, and engaging experience at Scituate High School?

Grade 10: How do our individual interests and passions make us unique while also connecting us to our community?

Grade 11: What is our responsibility in terms of ourselves, our school, and our world?

Grade 12: How can we work to develop our skills in order to transition into post high school life as thoughtful and dedicated citizens of our global community?



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