D5 State Championship Football Game - Please join in cheering on SHS Football Saturday at 10:30 to send off the Football team to Gillette! The game will begin at 1:30 at Gillette Stadium vs. Nipmuc!

There will be a fan bus going to Gillette Stadium on Saturday for the D5 State Championship football game. 

You must be at the high school bus loop at 12:15 on Saturday. There is no refund if you do not show up for the bust.

There will be an admission charge to get into the football game. Please plan accordingly. The cost for admission will be $14 for students. 

The fan bus is for high school students ONLY. If you ride the bus to Gillette you MUST return to Scituate on the bus. 

North Pole Express -Earn volunteer hours while having fun! We desperately need your help! Scituate North Pole Express. Sunday, December 9th 1:30-6:30!!

Fathom Poetry Slam -Support the Winter Poetry Slam! The event takes place Dec 7th 5:30-7:30 and to sign up to perform outside Ms. Reilly's room or Ms. Hall's. You can also go for extra credit in English!