The mission of the Gates Intermediate School is to uphold the ideals of the Scituate Public Schools' mission while recognizing the uniqueness of the early adolescent population.

Vision Statement
The vision of the Gates Intermediate School is to create a positive and safe environment which provides a comprehensive and challenging education for seventh and eighth grade students. By strengthening the home/school connection, healthy patterns of growth and learning will promote the development of responsible and independent community members.

Current Academic and Support Programs at Gates

There are five academic teams at Gates Intermediate School. Teams C and D service our seventh graders and teams E and F are eighth grade teams, with Team B as the ‘looping team’, alternately serving both grades over a two year span. Teams C, D, E, and F all have four teachers each who are dedicated to one discipline. Currently, Team B consists of two teachers who teach two subjects each in seventh grade (having taught in 8th grade last year). The four core subjects covered on all academic teams are English, Mathematics, Social Studies, and Science. Gates has an inclusion program for our Special Education population, and there are several ‘co-taught’ courses offered here to support this practice. Students may choose between Latin, Spanish and French for their Foreign Language requirement. They are also scheduled for ‘specialist courses’ which consist of Art, Music, Health, Physical Education, and Family and Consumer Science for seventh graders, and Art, Technical Design, Physical Education, Music, Health, Instructional Technology and Reader/Writer Workshop for eighth graders. We also offer over 20 after-school clubs and activities for kids to get involved with during the year. Students eat during one of three lunches served daily. Most students have one study hall to attend on alternate school days as well. There are effective transition programs offered during the year to help new seventh grade students feel comfortable in their new school and to assist outgoing eighth graders to prepare for their high school experiences. There is one guidance counselor assigned to each grade level. The list of support staff include Special Education aides, a METCO director, a School Psychologist, a Speech and Language Specialist, an ESL teacher, a Reading Specialist, our Custodians and Kitchen staff and our Secretarial staff. New staffing for next year will include two more academic teachers for Team B and one Engineering teacher for our new Technology and Engineering class.

There are seven time blocks, or ‘periods’ daily, six of which rotate consecutively ‘around’ the lunch period. This manner of scheduling allows kids and staff to see each other at different times during the day; this practice also reduces tardiness to school and provides a more interesting academic and social experience for all.

Gates School has a professional and caring staff, consisting of highly skilled educators who understand the challenges of this unique age group, sometimes coined “the kids in the middle”. We strive to offer a challenging academic climate, but also one that puts emphasis on social and personal growth and responsibility. We highly encourage parent involvement in our school through the Gates P.T.O., chaperoning field trips and dances, and volunteering in our Library/Media Center.

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